Thursday, June 26, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Costa Rica

It's been a week and half since I've left Costa Rica. This entire trip had passed by so fast and was more than I've ever imagine it would be. As an individual I have grown that much more cultured by exploring around Costa Rica. As a class we've done plenty of hiking and site seeing, meet new people and learn a lot about the tropics. Alex is professor Wasko's friend who was kind enough to show us around the country and help us whenever we need it. She gave us lectures, brought us to exotic food places, and brought us to her home. The best part of the trip was definitely going zip lining. Unfortunately we were not able to go snorkeling but the beach made up for it... And my tan! What I'll miss the most about Costa Rica is the fresh juice and fruits you get every meal. Despite all the fun, I've learnt a lot of new things like how Costa Rica became land, climate change, animal interactions and how much professor Wasko loves baked goods. (Seriously he loves baked goods!!) This was an amazing experience that everyone should have, even if this has nothing to do with your major.

Until next time,

Deema El-Dasher

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