Sunday, June 22, 2014

Where do I begin? Well, overall I am really happy I decided to join the group and Professor Wasko on this awesome adventure. It was definitely worth every last penny. In the beginning I wrote in my first blog that I hoped this adventure would be a life changing adventure and it was. It was more than life changing. It was a memory and an experience that I could never forget. Going on this trip to Costa Rica made me realize how much things I, as well as many others, take for granted. It opens my eyes to a life that many others forget about. This trip made me appreciate the things around me and the simple creations made on earth. From the life of trees and plants to the lives of different animal families and the cultural difference of the lives who live in Costa Rica, this trip showed me how different yet similar these lives are from the lives of plants, animal and people here in the United States. We experienced the different climate changes and how that impacts not only the forest and animals but the people of the towns as well. One thing I enjoyed the most about the trip was instead of staying in one part of the country we went around the entire country and was able to stay in several different areas. Getting a taste of the culture made me eager to come back home and study more about the cultural background in which I come from. From the music, food, mannerisms and overall their entire Costa Rican lifestyle, it made me miss Puerto Rico and the culture I left behind. There wasn't a day that I didn't learn something new. Going to Costa Rica for 10 days felt like I was down there for a month or so because there was so much to do. The people are really nice and we developed a lot of relationships with the people down there. When it was time to come back home it was super sad to say bye, but honestly those people and that country have taught me and enlightened me so much that they will continue to be with me throughout my life. This trip was a memory that will never be forgotten and because of my awesome experience I recommend everyone from all over to do the same. Even if it isn't Costa Rica, the idea of studying abroad helps to grow and think outside the box. So as they say, Chao Costa Rica. Te veo pronto! I'll be back <3


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