Monday, June 9, 2014

Costa Rica So Far

Day four and Costa Rica is more beautiful and exotic than I've ever imagined. The diversity of animals can be heard just in one hike! Yesterday my class and I went zip lining at Selvatura jungle tour, this place is well known for it's zip lining, canopy walk, hummingbird garden, reptile and amphibian exhibition and more. The zip lining was an amazing experience, zipping from platform to platform not knowing what to expect or see. I cant fully describe how the feeling of zip lining was, its more of you have to try it for yourself. The scenery was breath taking; looking below you can see the whole wet forest, clouds surrounding you and the smell of crispy air. While the rest of my class walked the canopy trail, I went in a different direction and saw the reptile/ amphibian exhibition. There I saw many types of snakes and frogs. They had poison dart frogs, golden-eyed leaf frog, eyelash viper, palm viper, boa constrictors and more. After the reptile and amphibian exhibition, I walked to the hummingbird garden. There were so many hummingbirds and hummingbird feeders. These birds are very pretty and the way I like to describe their beauty is 'eye-candy.' After a long day at Selvatura jungle tour, going back to Caladaria (the place we were staying at) was the most amazing feeling ever. The people there are very friendly, the food was incredible and the view left you speechless. Leaving Caladaria was like leaving home, but that's okay because more adventures wait for my class and I at La Selva.
Until next time,
Deema El-Dasher 

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