Sunday, June 22, 2014

Today I literally had the best experience of my life. Professor Wasko took the group on a canopy walk as well as zip lining through the rain forest. I'm super surprised to see that everyone went through with it, but we did! The heights were incredibly high but it was an experience like no other. I kept telling everyone the one thing I wanted to before I died was to at least touch a cloud. Who would have known that during my time in Costa Rica that was my chance to do just that? I sure didn't. There were about 14 or so lines and we had to hike to all the spots. During the hike through the forest we got to see the beautiful animal and plants that surround us. We saw Capuchin monkeys to a flower known as the kiss flower that is shaped like a pair of kissing lips. As we zip lined through the first few courses everyone started to get the hang of it. The best line for me was the last one. It was the longest one but I was able to see everything. Being so far up I actually got to experience touching a cloud. Forget touching it, my entire body went through it. I got to taste it, feel it, and see the awesome view of the entire forest. It was so beautiful I couldn't even begin to describe it. After the zip lines we went on a walk on what basically was a bridge but high up in the forest. That was also a beautiful view in which we got to see the more plants and the forest life from canopy tree view. Overall, this was by far the best day I had in my life and I am super happy I came on this awesome adventure. 


PS: I forgot to mention that because of the pore WiFi connection and my horrible service this entry will be posted when I get service :) 

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