Monday, June 9, 2014


This trip is going so successful!!! We're in Monteverde. So far we've seen many different cool things, such as howler and white faced monkeys ! We've seen many species of birds like hummingbirds, Red Macaws, Crested currosaws, Mot Mots, 3 wattled bell birds, and even tree creepers. We also saw common things such as cows, horses, and what not as well. Yesterday we went Ziplining, Tarzan swinging, and canopy walking all in the Selvatura cloud forest which was very exciting. We saw many different species of plants and trees with their many species of epiphytes. The amount of insects surprised me, there were so many. A couple of roaches, moths, and spiders even followed us into our rooms. And what I liked the most is the fact that we are way up in the mountains, so the view is phenomenal. And we were up in the clouds(literally). Stay tuned for our next adventure a.k.a La Selva.

-Magdalaine Manasse

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