Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Going to Costa Rica was definitely a blessing. Taking a class over seas has truly been an inspiration for me to want to, not only do another study of broad, but it has made me want to travel the world more. I would also love to return to Costa Rica. In Costa Rica I have done things that others can only dream and imagine. I conquered my fears of heights by going zip lining and doing the Tarzan swing. Before going to Costa Rica I would never even go in the direction of anything high up; so having the opportunity of going zip lining and actually going for it was a huge accomplishment. Also hiking is not something I normally do especially being from New York City, but to actually have the chance to go hiking to the Canyon, around Volcano's, mountains and in the jungle with professor Wasko, has truly been quite an experience. Walking to get breakfast, while having canons underneath me and monkeys crossing the bridge right next to me; has also been an interesting and great experience that Costa Rica has introduced to me. Eating fresh fruit and listening to the many species that live in Costa Rica was also wonderful. Everything about Costa Rica was amazing and the country and the people are beautiful. I would love to go back and do this trip all over again, minus the bug bites of course. I would recommend other student take this course in the future because it is really an eye opener, a great learning experience, and a beautiful place.


-Marie Aserat

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