Monday, May 31, 2010

Arriving at La Selva

I wake up to a glorious breakfast consisting of squishy
cheese, gallo pinto(of course), and eggs. I wash it down
with a superior cup of Costa Rican coffee while gazing out
into the cloudy abyss that is Monteverde. Today is the day
we embark to La Selva, the heart of our journey. We all
load onto the bus for our four hour ride. This included
some motion sickness and well as some spectacular sites. A
stop at Arenal Volcano eased everyones sprits and I enjoyed
this site by drinking a coconut. Finally we arrive at L
Selva biological station and begin with a intro tour. It
sounded like it would be a simple talk, merely an
informational walk around. This couldnt have been farther
from the truth. Are tour guide immediatly took us acrosss
the bridge and we emmerge in the rainforrest. With supreme
confidence and intelligence this man pointed out species
ranging from small tree frogs to monkeys. Being in the
rainforrest is an experience that bombards all of your
senses, affectivly forcing you too adapt.

The conclusion of my night included seeing a sloth at the

Douglass Steele Lamy IV

Douglass Steele Lamy IV

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