Saturday, May 22, 2010

How i feel So far About the Trip

Hey Everyone,

Well there's two more days left until we set for lift off
and there's two words two express how I feel; enthusiastic
and a bit scared out of my pants lol (thanks to those
stinking Bot flies). I would have to say I'm looking forward
to everything, well at first the idea of being anywhere near
active volcanoes wasn't exactly my forte lol but going on
snake hunts overpowered that fear. Although being cut off
for a couple days from our families seemed like a great idea
for some people in the class; i had a totally didn't
perspective on that. During the trip that will be the
hardest for me, there has never been a time where i couldn't
speak with my family. When i came to Connecticut from
Maryland to go to school i knew that i wouldn't be able to
see my family hardly as often but, i also knew that when i
needed them they were only a phone call away. This trip may
only be 10 days but not being able to stay in contact with
my family will seem like eternity. Being said that i feel
that there is much that i will gain from this experience. I
have no doubt that i will enjoy myself and I'm an adventure
person so ill be set and ready for anything that may lurking
behind any tree lol.

--Derika Tucker 05/22/2010

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