Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day Three

I woke up in a lovely cabin in Guanacaste. We started
driving toward the volcano, but we had bad luck because
there was a stuck truck in the muddy road. Seeing that we
could not pass it, we ended up turning around drove to Santa
Rosa. Seeing the place where the Costa Rican civil war
started was pretty interesting. There, I saw my first black
iguana of the trip. This four foot long black reptile who
looked like it should spit fire, saw our group staring and
taking pictures, and vanished underneath a log. We also
spotted our first monkeys, and kuwatte (sp). Although we did
not intend on originally going to Santa Rosa, it ended up
being a great detour on our way to the Monte Verde cloud
forest. When we arrived in Monte Verde, we hiked down the
mountain side in the rain, and got our clothes dirty wet and
muddy for the first time. This whole trip has been great.
Everyone is getting along great, and the culture and food is
amazing. Great place to practice my Spanish and karate.


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