Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello everyone

Hello everyone,

Looking into the next ten days, I foresee learning
experiences beyond my current conceptions. Experiencing
life in the tropics is both a refreshing and exciting change
from Connecticut's humid continental climate. Prior to
today, many friends and family have shared with me their
Costa Rican experiences. They have praised the purity of
life, the atheistic appeal of nearly every inch, and my
personal favorite the superiority of Costa Rica's COFFEE.
However enticing their influence is on my expectations, I
reserve the right to make this experience completely unique.
I look forward to understanding the ecological perspectives
and worldviews of everyone I come across. I am already
humbled by the nature Ive yet to experience.

In essence, I'm excited for the unbridled expansion of my
world view that will develop through my exploration of the
vast unknown.

Pura Vida

---Douglass Steele Lamy IV

Douglass Steele Lamy IV

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