Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A whole new world

As you may know i took the title from one of my favorite
Disney movies Aladdin because i kinda feel like him at this
moment in time. Going out into the world, experiencing new
things, getting into different adventures that only some
people can dream about. My mom told me over the weekend that
when my church had an opportunity to go to Africa or Costa
Rica to do missionary work i was the one out of very few
that really wanted to go to Costa Rica. Unfortunately
because there wasn't a lot of takers from other members of
the church we ended up going no where but i guess God wanted
me to go to Costa Rica cause look at me now.
So many different emotions are running through my head right
now anxious, nervousness and of course excited. I love going
to different places and experiencing new cultures and of
course new food, i wanna be the next Andrew Zimmerman from
bizarre food...(i mean who can say they have eaten worms for
breakfast or bugs living in dung or something like that but
you get my point) Beside for food this is a growing and
learning experience; not just for me but for everybody going
on this trip and i really want to get the best out of what
Costa Rica has to offer.
Not only being cut off from the world is one big concern for
me ( because i can admit to I am one of those girls who
always has her phone and you can always reach me) but I also
am afraid of spiders I have a HUGE FEAR of spiders
especially big ones and things that can pose a threat to me
or cause me pain. I don't like flying bugs im not a fan of
those either so that basically eliminates all bugs; and i
know i will encounter some type of spider or some type of
bug that will cause me pain and i am not a fan AT ALL!!! but
hey i'll live its only 10 days and you only live once. I
really hope i don't break a nail because then all hell will
break loose ;-) jk i'm not that much of a priss i know i'm
rambling now so i'm going to stop but Derika was right i do
feel better after writing this. .....well it's 12:07 now so
i will see all of you in like 30 min xoxox <3
Ashley Ray

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