Sunday, May 30, 2010

FUNday Friday

I think friday was definately a day I will never forget.
Monteverde is an amazing place. I did the tree top walkway
up in the canopy. OMG it was amazing to be up that high.
beatiful waterfalls and clear skies. Walking on the bridge
up in the canopy was scary but also exhilarating. At one
point, I saw the perfect tree, a tree that seemed to jump
right out of the Tarzan movie. I had the urge to build a
tree house and swing on vines. After, I did something I
thought I wouldn't do...I zipplined!! I almost chickened
out but I did it! It was exhilarating to say the least!
There were eleven lines going down the canopy. The longest
one was 700 meters! I started to chicken out, but the
employees wouldn't let me nor would anyone else. What I
really didn't want to do was jump off a 300-400 foot
platform and have someone at the bottom stop me from
swinging and get me down. Again, the employee wouldn't let
me chicken out, he would have pushed me if I didn't jump
after the count of five. I jumped! After, we checked out
this place that had women who made jewelry to help their
families. Then to end the day, there was a diary shop that
had cows in the back and also had ice cream. Yum!

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  1. Hello Bridget, nice posts so far. Just so you know, you definitely gave me the wrong website, so mom has been acting like mom for the past few days, worried. But now I have found the site so I can follow you guys. Have fun and be careful.