Sunday, May 23, 2010

another notch in the belt...

There truly is nothing that I love more then living out of a
backpack in a place that I can not call home. The
adventurous feeling of not knowing what comes next is
exactly what I live for. At age 16, my band and I packed
into a van after months of planning, and completed our first
east coast tour. Just old enough to drive, and too young to
buy a pack of smokes, I learned to love the feeling of
waking up, traveling, exploring, sleeping, and waking up and
doing the same thing the next day. Age 17 my band traveled
from cape cod, to florida, up to michigan, and back to the
nutmeg state of Connecticut. Age 18 I did similar types of
tours on school vacations, as well as train hopped to South
Carolina and back. By the time I was 19, I discovered that
you can drive 5 hours north, and be in a place where they
speak an entirely different language. Montreal became my new
favorite destination for spontaneous weekend adventures. Age
20, I flew to California and rode a bicycle 650 miles to San
Diego, sleeping in a tent for 12 days. Through all these
adventures, I learned to truly love traveling. Costa Rica
awaits, and I could not be more excited. Being exposed to
tropic weather, animals, and culture is going to be a great
learning experience. Since some scientists estimate that
there are roughly 200 million insects for every human on the
planet, I am looking forward to studying the insects of CR.

Pura Vida!

--Michael Rivkees

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