Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Day one
Waking up at 6:30AM was not really my cup of tea but it's
weird how my body adapted to it so quickly. Maybe because
everyone is up and starting their days. The first morning we
were here we had rice and beans for breakfast with squeaky
cheese and fried yuca with cheese inside, which was
definitely different compare to pancakes or bagels i'm use
to having for breakfast. We stayed in San Jose the first
night but then took about a 5 hour drive to Guanacaste ! As
I was on the bus, I realized how much CR is becoming
Americanized. There were billboards written in English, pay
tolls on the highway, many cars that are in the US and so
many other things. The food here is delicious especially in
restaurants. It is so humid outside but when it started to
pour, it's just so refreshing! The air to me is just so
clean and pure, except when trucks ride by and the dirt gets
in your eyes and mouth. I definitely miss the internet and
my phone because there is no type of communication to the
outer world here. But i realize I can live without it.


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