Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday 6/1


Today we spent another 5 hours on the bus, but this time we
were on the smaller bus and it was no where as near as
comfortable as that humongous bus. But as soon as everyone
saw the water, our eyes lite up and our spirits lifted
making everything seem okay again. The water was so blue it
was the same color as the sky so all the boats looked like
the were floating in mid-air. Then once we checked in, we
went to the beach and just sat around for a long time. And
the water felt like bath water it was so warm. Then we went
around shopping at all the local shops and got a bunch of
presents! After we all went out to eat as a group and I
think that was the best quesadilla I ever had. Then we
walked along the beach and all just chilled. It is so
beautiful and warm here I wish I could stay longer.

Mallory D.

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