Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Wow! Has it really been a week since I was in Costa Rica? The last few days we spent on the Caribbean. It was such a picture perfect place. I got to snorkel and with fish, and got to see real coral ( and it didn't blow up!) I went for a nature walk off the beach, and got to see a real pit-viper snake! Our Professor Dennis Wasko also gave a lecture on Snakes as well during the last part of our trip. I learned there were some places where quakers had settled in like Monte Verde. I still haven't unpacked most of my belongings, but I made the 1820 cafe i purchased in Costa Rica, and it is so amazing! The last stop of our trip was San Jose where we walked around, and shopped the last day. It was such a bitter-sweet good-bye leaving the country. If i could, i would so do this again. I made amazing friends on this adventure, saw everything i dreamed of seeing, and learned about the natural habitat out there. 

-Michelle Drayer


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