Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 7

Time is just flying by in Costa Rica our trip is quickly coming to end. As of right now we are staying at place called Estacion Biological La Selva Which is pretty cool its one of the top research places in Costa Rica. We have been at La Selva for three days now which is pretty nice not having to pack up our luggage every morning. Last night we went on a nature night hike which was pretty sweet. We saw tones of species of frogs, hundreds of bugs, owls and even a cayman (which looks like a crocodile like creature just smaller). Today was our first and only day off. I was hoping to sleep in to day to make up for all the early mornings we had. But I still managed to wake up at 5am. Later on in the day a couple of us went on a hike in search of a cable cart bridge unfortunately we never found it. :( Though we ended up walking about 5500 meters. So on the plus side we got to burned off a lot of energy. Tomorrow we had off to the beach. It seems everyone's little excited to put out feet up and soak up some vitamin d. Emily Martoglio

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