Monday, June 3, 2013

So today is exactly one week away before I leave for Costa Rica. I have been packing like crazy and my luggage is already over flowing!! The rain forest in Costa Rica has many different animals and I am really nervous to see a snake just roaming around. Here in Connecticut we do not really see that unless it is a little garden snake. I have been packing tons of long pants so hopefully one does not crawl up my leg. As i am looking forward to exploring the rain forest I am really look forward to be going zip lining! Zip lining is something that i have seen people do on TV and I never thought i was going to be able to get the chance to do it in the RAIN FOREST! pretty awesome, i know!
Another thing that I cannot wait to see are all of the different flowers in Costa Rica! Wasko said that one thing we will be getting to do on this trip is to go to an orchid flower farm. Besides sunflowers, orchids are my favorite flowers and I cannot wait to see them growing in the wild! My job on this trip will be to look at all the plants inside and outside of the rainforest so I will make sure to keep everyone posted on all the beautiful flowers, plants and trees I see out in Costa Rica! 

Carolyn Nowak

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