Thursday, June 20, 2013

At Guanacaste I went horseback riding  for the first time and it was amazing. We went to Monte Verde which is a cloud rain forest that was high up in the mountains. We were actually driving through the clouds it was really cool. This is where we went zip lining over the canopy of the rain forest; it was my first time and it was really fun. Another highlight was visiting professor Wasko's colleague alex at her beautiful farm. She was showing us new growth forest and it was interesting trying guess the ages of the trees. I was surprised to find out how young they were. My favorite  part of the  course was at La Selva it was amazing with all the life we saw there from the strangler fig tree that consumes another tree for nutrients to the howlers monkeys that never be quiet. Another amazing thing we did at La Selva was a night hike we so many frogs, a snake, and a cayman which looks like a small alligator.  At one one point we had to turn back because we had a bad run in with attacking army ants. After we left La Selva we went to Puerto Viejo the was beautiful there. We went snorkeling the next day and saw a lot of fish but the coolest one was the lion fish, and we also a big crab. When we got on the shore  we stopped and had some delicious fruit on the beach. There I saw hermit crabs everywhere which I thought were pretty cool. Now I'm in San Jose on the last day, and I have picked up a lot of knowledge from this course. Especially learning about the biodiversity of Costa Rica. If you love animals or science you should take this course, and professor Wasko is a great professor that you will learn a lot from.

Nicholas Oliver

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