Friday, July 5, 2013

Missing Costa Rica

 Time is just flying by, I have already been home for almost two weeks and it has felt like months sense I have left the amazing country of Costa Rica. . I am no longer waking up at 5am.  With in a day I feel back into my old routine. Which is unfortunate I somewhat enjoyed rising with the sun, giving me a full day of daylight.  Our last few days where spent at the beach of Puerto Viejo, which where some of my favorite days of the trip.  Spending days on the hot sands swimming in the crystal blue water, surrounded by lush mountain ranges really was a great way to end the trip. Just the other day I finally assembled my hammock. ( These hammock where sold all over Puerto Viejo and we where all told by professor Wasko that we should  buy them).  It was definitely worth the thirty bucks. I kind of wished I bought two. Other than the beach I really enjoyed the volcanic hike we went to. After the hike we hiked to the cool waterfall that had small little pool it was just so refreshing and nice.  Fresh fruit is another thing I really miss; the bananas and pineapple just don’t taste the same here, I Don’t think all ever find a sweeter banana unless I go back to Costa Rica.

Emily Martoglio 


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