Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its sad to say the trip is over but we all had a really good
time. One of the memories I will never forget is walking
through the jungle at night and turning off all our
flashlights. It was awesome just to stand still in the dark
and listen to the callings of all the animals. Another
memory that I will have forever is my first time snorkeling.
I seen sharks, sting rays, blow fish, and schools of
fish.The water was very clear and clean that you can see the
fish even above the water surface. We decided to hike back
after snorkeling and we met a cute monkey that attempted to
rob Dr. Wasko. It was one of the funniest moments i seen in
my life. The monkey didn't care that it saw us, it just
hopped on Dr. Waskos back pack and tried to take what was
inside. All in all the trip was awesome and I hope other
students that come next year will have as much fun.

Chris R.

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