Friday, June 3, 2011

Its been a few days since we have been in Costa rica and it
is unbelievable. There are so many things that I have never
seen before in Connecticut or even the U.S, such as the
cloud forest. Today was our most busiest day so far. We
visited Rinco De La Veija National Park which was full of
diversity. We mostly seen diversity within plants and
insects. A lot of the plants have a different smell and
thats how we were taught to identify them because nearly all
of them look alike. Out of all the insects I saw today I was
most interested in the leaf cutter ants. These ants work
very hard and in extrme organization. I saw one of their
nest that was at least four feet tall off from the ground
up, that was something I had to see for myself because thats
the only way I would believe it. We seen huge fig trees
that had very large buttresses, bigger than some of us
students on this trip. Although, we didn't get to see the
volcanoe that was not to far from us we did see mud holes
and water holes boiling. As we walked by the boiling liquid
it was quite hot and smelled bad. The temperature of these
holes can range from 198 degrees F to 248 degrees F, so it
can get pretty hot. After a good deal of hiking and
exploring we finally made to the river for a quick swim. The
water was amazing, but cold. We took great pictures in the
water and while exploring the park. Im sure we are all
waiting to show our families these awesome pictures. In just
a couple of days we already had expereinces we will never
forget I cant wait to see what else is in store for us.

Chris R.

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