Monday, June 6, 2011


6 hour long ride to La Selva whew !! I am tired. But I'm so exited at the same time. I never saw a jungle come to life right before my very own eyes . La Selva is a national park and biological station in Costa Rica.  Our lovely tour guide explained how La Selva is 70 % Grown Forest. It goes from low lands to high Lands.  The tour guide gave us a quick natural history tour. Within five minutes ,we saw so many different animals. I wa so excited because I haven't seen a lot of birds yet. Fortunately today I saw male trogons ( they look so cool with their red bellies). We heard the Jacamars and oropendalas but unfortunately we didn't see them. But it was still so cool to hear them. We also saw the white crown parrots , flycatchers and the screech owls. Another bird was the Crested Guan. It was so eccentric . It was all black with a red flabby chin. We saw a couple of more birds that I'm still trying to identify. As more of the day progress it got more and more interesting. Wasko gave a really good lecture on the spatial and feeding ecology of snakes. It prep everyone for the night walk that we did after the lecture. The night walk gave me more chills than the  nitro rollercoaster in six flags. Wasko made us turn off our flashlights in the middle of the path. It was so scary but relaxing to hear the sounds of nature surround you. As the walk continue we saw lizards ,frogs and two snakes. Even though you can see a lot when you go onthe trails . Sometimes animals can be right in front of our cabin.  Each day here something new and suprising happens. I can't wait to see what will happen tomorrow.
Live ~ Learn ~ Experience

Shantel Isaac

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