Monday, May 30, 2011

Wow, just less than 24 hours until we arrive in Costa Rica.
I am extremely overwhelmed and nervous. I do not know what
to expect. This is my first time out of the U.S and I am
glad its to a country where I am familiar with the language.
Since I can speak spanish I think I will have a greater
connection and understanding with the people of Costa Rica.
My biggest anitcipation is hiking and walking through the
rainforest, and seeing the vast amount of animals that live
there. Here in Connecticut I don't see much of a variety of
animals that's why I am excited to encounter many animals in
Costa Rica. One of my assignments on the trip is to study
inverbs, as of right now i dont know much but when we leave
Costa Rica I hope to know all there is to know about
inverbs. I just hope i don't get bit by anything. This trip
will surely be a lifelong memory and I am grateful for this
opportunity. See you all very soon!

Chris R.

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