Friday, May 27, 2011

Only four days until we all finally meet again & leave for Costa Rica! I can't wait to land in San Jose, soak up some of that 90 degree weather and hope I don't burn to a crisp. Having little fear of planes or traveling, I'm more excited than anything else to experience what the tropical country of Costa Rica has to offer. Hearing nothing but amazing stories from Professor Wasko, I definitely cannot wait to see these leaf-cutter ants for myself as well as many other critters, reptiles, and other animals I would never see in Brooklyn, NY. I also can't wait to be out in the field, I feel like i'll be able to adjust really well with my surroundings. I've always wanted to do zip-lining & snorkeling and now I finally can.. I know it will definitely be an experience I won't ever forget. Writing this is making me even more ansty to be there!

See you all soon!!

-Maria M.

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